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So today was the big day where I got the chance to network with some of my peers and fellow overachievers in New York and get recognized for Cablefax’s “Overachievers Under 30″. Going in, I had no idea what to really think of the event or the gravity of the situation. Upon arrival, though, I realized that it was actually a more humbling experience than I first thought, and that I am truly honored to be surrounded with such bright and forward-thinking leaders in my industry. It really gives me a lot of hope for the future of the industry, and I got to make some great connections that will last a lifetime. Of special interest were several of my interactions with mentors and peers from companies very closely aligned to mine (e.g. Comcast and Mediacom), and I have full intent to keep in touch with those individuals often. Events like these can sometimes be a glorified dog-and-pony show, but I do really feel that this one was a highly-worthwhile event. Cheers to Cablefax and the whole Access Intelligence family for putting on such a great event.

Now I’m off to LinkedIn to ensure I get these contacts in my network ASAP!

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So I was recently selected to be part of a distinguished group of cable leaders called the “Overachievers Under 30”. Which is actually a really cool honor, but it kind of points to me as a fish out of water. The industry I work in is generally dominated by industry veterans who have been in their positions or learning the ropes for decades. It’s rare to be a younger person in this industry, which actually sucks to be honest. It’s tremendously difficult to command respect from people who are 10, 20, or 30 years your superior. I guess that’s the plight of the millennial though. I just wish there were better ways to foster collaboration and drive execution excellence outside of your age range – then maybe I’d look at awards like this with a slightly different lens? Either way – it’s still a great honor and I will definitely post more here to share my experiences as I meet the other honorees in a few weeks in NYC!

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