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It seems every year there is a new latest-and-greatest storage utility that hits the market.  Whether it’s the next personal cloud, larger (but smaller) external storage devices, or online backup programs, there is quite an array of options when looking into personal storage space.

TechCrunch put out an interesting article Monday in light of the Google price drops.  It got me thinking – what should I be doing to make my own investment in long-term personal storage space?  I have kind of evaded the question for some time now, typically employing archaic storage devices when needed (rarely) to keep important files and documents.  I believe my external hard drive is ~250GB and about the size of a brick.  It really is time for an upgrade.  But where to go?

I think there are a lot of factors to consider:

  • Portability: do you want cloud so it’s anywhere/on-demand?  If not, do you need it to be portable so you can take it on the road?  This is the biggest issue with my current external; it is not nearly convenient for me to lug around from city to city (let alone meeting to meeting)
  • Price: do you want a one-time-charge?  Or are you comfortable with a recurring monthly price subscription?  Google’s prices on their new storage are incredibly tempting as they start at values which you really don’t even notice leaving your bank account.  But – for a few hundred dollars, you can set up your own cloud via your home internet.  Or (for even less) you can still get great deals on traditional external hard drives
  • Accessibility: cloud sounds great until that one day where you can’t access the cloud (due to server downtime issues, your own connectivity constraints, etc).  But, the reliability of your own personal hardware may also be an issue depending upon how you treat your device
  • Security: do you have any incredibly confidential materials?  If so you may want to steer towards more secure options, although most of the options mentioned have at least some form of reliable security in place
  • Safety: will the option you pick be safe?  Traditional external hard drives are only as safe as you make them.  Basically – you lose it, you’re toast.  And if all your eggs were in that basket?  Well…

I’m sure I’ve left several key factors out, but I’ll keep you posted on what I decide.  I know that Google option will be really tough to avoid though (I was in early on Amazon Cloud Drive and this seems to be just a much more polished version with a more forward-thinking and reliable company).  What about you?  Any preference or investment you’re making to set yourself up for near (and long) term storage success?

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