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Yesterday, TechCrunch ran a guest post from a respected executive in the business development/accelerator space (Peter Csathy)  on the future of digital media in 2015. I thought it was largely a great piece, and I wanted to add a few of my own opinions and predictions on the topic which I think will coincide with the intent of his piece:

  • In-App Ads will increase dramatically, as mobile manufacturer’s learn ways to better dupe consumers into driving CTR
  • Investments in massive digital ad platforms (e.g. Facebook) will decrease slightly as people start to see normalizing success rates
  • Return on Investment will become increasingly difficult to track as the overall digital ad landscape gets muddled
  • “Digital Local” will become a major component in the media landscape, whether it’s location based targeting or just-in-time digital media in major urban/commercial thoroughfares (e.g. outdoor malls)

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