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I was reading an article today on the Disney empire and was very interested to see the author’s opinions on the company (well, I suppose I should say “companies” really – since they act somewhat autonomously and disparately whether you’re talking about ESPN, TV, Movies, Mobile, Parks, or any of the others).  I am not nearly as surprised that the empire of companies are actually very diverse and unique, and that there is a seeming lack of homogeneity from one to the next.  The timing was really funny for me though as I have only recently started thinking about their empire again now that I have two nephews and a niece that are of the age where these forms of entertainment are enjoyable to them.

The one thing I do know?  The brand still has staying power.  I was trying to buy my girlfriend The Lion King for Christmas the other day.  Guess how much it was?  $40 box set.  $40!  Granted – it was two discs with numerous superlatives (BEST version ever, MASTERFULLY reproduced, PLATINUM edition, blah blah) but I challenge you to name one other mode of entertainment that has been so transcendent that, over 20 years after initial release – you can still charge so much.  I was expecting to be able to rent on iTunes/Amazon for $3, $4, or maybe $5 in the worst case.  Boy, was I wrong.

Are there any other empires that come close to rivaling Disney?  I’m really starting to think the answer is “No”…

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