Tag: Double Spacing

Isn’t this a thing? Didn’t I learn this as the “right” way to do things growing up? Do I need to change my ways? Is this a New Year’s Resolution I should have made?

Seriously, though, my mind has been blown recently with some of the people that vehemently disagree with double spacing (i.e. the typing form whereby every period that ends a sentence is immediately followed by two spaces rather than one prior to beginning the next sentence). I’ve been doing it forever and it hasn’t seemed to sting for anyone until recently. From what I gather, some literary powers-that-be decided the single space is proper and that those antiquated ways I used to type (you know, when computers first came out – admittedly long after typewriters may or may not have had¬†anything to do with single vs double spacing folklore) are now a distant memory? And that I’m probably killing more trees and blah-blah about the waste-of-space that is my electronically-documented babble?

I’m so confused. I’m worried my whole life has been a lie up until this point. Either way, you’ll be happy to know that I single-spaced this narrative just for you… Heathens.

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