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While I have mentioned previously at length the need to be happy in work, I also am extremely passionate about the concept that you should always be happy in school. And it is a point I will certainly reinforce to my children one day. I grew up in an era where folks with upbringings such as myself had limited options in schooling based upon geography, finances, abilities, among a host of other factors. So from that standpoint, I was extremely fortunate and wildly lucky to have spent the majority of my formative years in schooling environments that met my needs from an educational and social/enjoyment standpoint. But I would also argue that part of the good fortune was that which I afforded myself through hard work and careful curation and selection of my academic environments.

Which brings me to my point… My college (Vanderbilt) was just rated the school with the “happiest students” for the second year running. This is a great honor and speaks volumes to so many aspects of the school. While I do see some of the social aspects at Vandy declining in recent years (i.e. you can only have 10% acceptance rate and bring in so many Mensa-level candidates before the social environment and engagement naturally take a dip), it is still a tremendous institution and one that I’m proud to have called home.

So if you, your children, or your friends still see school on the horizon – make sure you check out options that will really make you happy. People do so much better in life when they’re happy.

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Seagrove Test

A topic I’m clearly passionate about: maximizing vacation. I’ve already shared my opinions and what I feel are important considerations on the subject (i.e. should you take all your vacation at once and blow it out or try to do more frequent/smaller excursions to get the best value), and I have been surprised to hear that more and more people actually agree.

Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal ran a lifestyle article on The Smartest Way to Take a Vacation. I think it is an extremely well-done piece. It blends science and psychology to put some real thought behind the best way to optimize your time off. Take a look and see for yourself!

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Offered without comment, courtesy of Happify Daily.

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