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Today I heard a buzzword I hadn’t heard in a really long time: CAUCUS. You know, in the context of getting together to discuss something “offline”? Usually – you know how I feel about buzzwords – but this one made me chuckle. I think I could get behind it because it makes “linking up”, “synching up”, or just “meeting up” sound so much more regal and political. The unfortunate part is that one gentleman used it about 5 different times in the same 30-minute meeting. At that point, it’s overkill and takes away from the splash factor. I’m totally going to stock this one away though and dust it off at some point just to see if I can get a few smiles.

Sorry for the random post – it’s clearly been a long week…

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A quick break of humor for you… ¬†Having been on both sides of the desk in these situations, I can appreciate these from both sides. ¬†Check them out.


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