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So you’re ready to get to the next level?  Prepared to climb the next rung in that corporate ladder?  That’s fantastic.  Let me caution you, though.  There are a host of things to consider when preparing for this kind of step.

Without beating the point to death (and ultimately trying to make an argument that rank progression is not in anyone’s best interest), here are a few of the key questions I’ve asked myself when moving forward with any rank progression:

  • Are you ready for the increased responsibility?
  • Do you have a solid case for promotion?
  • Are you going to be compensated appropriately?
  • Is this progression in line with your personal and professional goals long-term?

Everyone gets ready for these kind of moves at different rates.  That’s why I have never liked the companies with hard line “up or out” policies.  You can’t brainwash personal advancement and readiness for next level of leadership into someone.  And, for those who may fall behind the proverbial curve, that doesn’t mean that they are poor resources or should be fired off.  Everyone has a place, from the janitor to the CEO.  We just have to instill more awareness to everyone’s contributions while at the same time making sure that everyone is avoiding stagnation.

As usual, hope you enjoyed it…

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