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I found a great list of habits from Sandrine Provoost on LinkedIn which she states are shared by effective change leaders. As a change leader, myself, I can commiserate with a lot of these and wanted to pass along the set.

My favorite: Pour Champagne On It – this is so true. We are largely horrible at celebrating success because we’re all too damned concerned about moving on to the next thing. We always say we’ll do it, we’ll always get better at celebrating success. But at the end of the day – we never do. We never carve out time to kick back and relax. Shame on us for that. Shame on our executives for not forcing us to do it. This is one thing we SHOULD change. Immediately.

My least favorite: Practice Makes Perfect – this one hits a sore spot with me. I have an application that just migrated to Agile, and I know I should be embracing this concept much more. But the sheer horror of launching things with clear defects so that you can simply “learn from your mistakes” is too much for me to bear. Every time you put something out there that isn’t fully baked, your’e begging for those impacted by the change to shut down. And I’m in the position where I have to send out the “JK – LOL – This feature doesn’t really work!” emails. That whole getting shot because your’e the messenger thing is never fun… I do keep promising myself to let go a bit more though…

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Found a great article the other day that talked about mistaking confidence for extroversion – and how introverts can actually be great leaders.  I’m always fascinated by personality types and trying to see what fits where, so I wanted to forward along to see what you think.

Why Introverts Make Great Leaders

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