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I was bouncing around LinkedIn the other day and saw a great piece from Liz Ryan on Job Descriptions. Largely, I think she is spot on with her assessment that job descriptions are totally antiquated and no longer maintain relevance in our new digital age. I have simply come to accept that every position at my company changes monthly, if not daily. Sometimes, you have to be a good task-oriented project manager. Sometimes, you have to be good at cultivating and fostering leadership alignment. Sometimes, you need to be good at listening. Sometimes, you have to know when to stay quiet. Sometimes, you have to know when to speak up. Sometimes, you will be a firefighter. Sometimes, a policeman. Sometimes, you get the picture…

At the end of the day, it would be pointless for me to try and limit my boundaries for any role on my team to a simple job description. Unless that job description says “You’ll probably do a little bit of everything.”

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