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I have discussed work life balance previously, and do think that the concept or the idea (or in some cases – the facade that it seems to be for many) is a great conversation starter. I am of the opinion that work life balance is entirely up to the employee – and they are really the only ones with ultimate control over how their work and personal lives intertwine (if at all). I don’t accept excuses like “well this is the only job I can get and I just have to work 100 hours a week or else”. There’s more than one way to respond when you think someone has a loaded gun pointed at your head (Harvey Spector/Suits reference, anyone?).

Which is why I found this article on Work Life Balance for Millennials on Linked In fairly intriguing. Admittedly, I think the title is extremely deceiving and the main point is that there is a new generation of workers that much more make work revolve around personal rather than vice versa (which is how it persisted for many generations prior). Either way, though, it’s a good read and provides some surface-level insight into the work life balance in the millennial generation dilemma.

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I found this great graphic on LinkedIn today and wanted to share it.  After doing some homework, I triangulated the image back to originating in an article on Forbes by Jacob Morgan from earlier this month.  It’s a really great graphic and speaks to what-I-feel-is a revolutionary millennial approach to the employment arena.  I fully support the “work anytime, work anywhere, use any device” philosophy because that’s effectively what I do right now.  I’m fortunate to work on a team that supports flexibility so long as you are getting your job done.  I use my own laptop (because I am a newfound Macbook lover) and condone/support many of the other elements of the graphic.  Quite a pleasant overview!  Hope you enjoy it.

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