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On the second night, we were really craving raw fish, so we actually opted to go a bit more “local” local and dined at a sushi spot called Nikkori recommended by one of the staff members at Mahekal.

Here’s the review:

  • Pros: Good sushi, good portions, not infested with other tourists (which can be a huge blessing at times)
  • Cons: Not all items on menu are available, and there seems to be continued manifestation of language barriers that can make ordering complicated based upon extensive menu options (e.g. ordering a Sashmi versus a “Sashimi Special” which is supposed to come with ponzu and sliced serranos – something that is very difficult to describe in two different languages when it comes out different than expected)
  • Must Try: Tuna Cocktail
  • Know Before You Go: You should expect to be flexible if you’re ordering wine, as their menu versus what’s available may differ drastically

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