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Perspective is a beautiful thing. It allows you to shape a story, paint a picture, and develop an image that will last with the recipient. Whether you like it or not, people’s ability to put their “spin” on things is often times what drives some of life’s important decisions. Today’s business climate requires a lot of perspective. As well as the ability to be a consummate storyteller. One of the biggest areas we see these spins is certainly the political landscape. Far be it from me to advocate for Corporate America to start being more political (as it is already fairly political already), but I do think there are probably valuable lessons to be gleaned from the way that politicians and their political machines create (and sometimes, fabricate) stories for public consumption.

Just today, I saw a Facebook post on the indisputable ‘success’ of President Barack Obama. Whether you love him or hate him, these are some pretty powerful numbers. Now – you can make all of the chatter or argument you like – but whether or not a president is directly responsible for things like consumer confidence, the economy, and the state of the union upon entry (and exit), is actually wholly irrelevant at the end of the day. Their legacy will be (generally) markedly judged based on public perception. Which is typically founded based on the perspective with which our media’s paintbrush portrays him.

I will admit that I personally am not the biggest fan, although I’m far from being his biggest hater as well. Take a look though and see what our children’s children’s history books might actually say in his remembrance as the 44th President of this great nation:


Just some food for thought on a Monday…

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