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Random thought for the day: there should never be an elephant in the room.  But it always seems like there is.  I vote we all take a stance to make this character an endangered species across Corporate America.  It doesn’t make sense to avert the issue or topic.  As I’ve said before, bad news does not get better with age.  I don’t care if it’s your company’s imminent downsizing, trends in shrinking revenue/customer base, the need to outsource something, or so-and-so-sleeping-with-so-and-so (ok, maybe that one can hit the parking lot til a later date, but still – you get the point).  We have to address and mitigate all risks that come our way.  Now.  Not later.

Letting that big guy hang out in the corner doesn’t do anyone any good.  It’s distracting us all.  And ignorant for us not to mention it.  I know bringing it up may make the conversation more uncomfortable in the short run, but it pays infinite dividends in the long run.  Trust me.

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