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Happy New Year

Cheers to a successful 2013 and looking forward to an even better and more successful 2014!  I wanted to take a quick opportunity to wish you all the best and thank you for being a follower of michael-wiggins.com.  When I started out on this journey to develop a site to supplement the traditional resume measures (i.e. what I have managed, where I have worked, who I have worked with), I never could have expected it would be this rewarding.  Thank you to all those who have helped make the site a success and I look forward to (hopefully) continuing to drive relevant dialogue in the matters most important to Corporate America throughout 2014 and beyond.

I feel that far too often we get settled in the traditional templates, processes, and ways of thinking, and I hope sites like mine continue to press the envelope and help everyone ask the difficult questions that will help companies innovate and drive forward to the future with bigger and better ideas.  When we reduce ourselves to a rhetoric of bullet points on a resume, I think we lose a lot of our spirit and our personality.  We throw away our opinions and personal beliefs in order to regurgitate a series of accomplishments that are largely void of original human thought or opinion.  I feel like this is really hurting our society, and I hope that we can all agree to be more mindful of human interaction and personal engagement going forward.  Sometime in the not-too-distant-future, I hope we are all benchmarked not only on what it may say on our resume, but rather, a larger body of opinions and skills that may have previously been brushed under the rug.  This is a topic and conversation that I look forward to adding a lot more color to over the coming months and years, so please don’t hesitate to chime in and let me know if you think I’ve gone off the reservation!

Again, Happy New Year and I look forward to hearing more of your stories and thoughts in 2014!

Til Next Time,



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