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TechCruch published an article today informing the world of SPG’s intent to deploy robot butlers to selected hotels as a trial.  Being a big fan of SPG and of butler services, I was naturally intrigued.  I think the idea of using butlers to perform overly manual tasks (i.e. bring me a toothbrush from the inventory closet when I call down to the front desk to let them know I forgot mine) is a great idea and has a ton of splash factor for a forward-thinking brand.

The article itself has been met with substantive backlash though over social media.  Apparently some people are of the opinion that this is just the first step on some long road to robots ruling the world.  I find that concept asinine and would challenge those opponents to take SPG for their word that this isn’t a “cost cutting” measure – but rather a way to add a high tech component to an otherwise boring task and also free up their human capital to provide more focus on a differentiated customer experience.

What are your thoughts?  Any issues with a “BOT-LR” (get it?) bringing you a toiletry you forgot?

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