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I love sweets.  Don’t get me wrong.  But the frequency with which they are planted into workplace break rooms is alarming.  If you’re working on a team of 10-15 people, I think it’s safe to assume that once a month – someone will have some birthday celebration element (cookies, cakes, candy) and you’ll be morally obligated (read: peer pressured) into having one.  And that’s fine.  But the problem is that your business partners have teams with birthdays too.  And their “overflow” sweets will undoubtedly find themselves in a break room near you.  By the time this transitive property propagates out a few more iterations – you’re basically tempted with sweets at least two days a week, 52 weeks a year (even more around the holidays; yikes).

So what am I saying?  Not to stop the celebrations.  Can we just be a bit more mindful of healthy options or try to better consolidate the madness of what/when things are brought in (7 layer chocolate cakes may not be the best idea for 10 AM meeting)?

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