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One of my favorite Onion articles of all time – reminding us that, despite popular belief – it’s still only Tuesday. Given that this is the Onion, you might want to watch out for some foul language in case that sort of thing can get you in trouble.  Otherwise, I’m sure you will enjoy it!

It’s Only Tuesday

Til Next Time,



Wanted to share a great article a friend forwarded me yesterday regarding New York.  Oh – by the way – it’s satire courtesy of the Onion and has lots of extreme foul language (par for the course – but adds a fantastic comedic effect in my opinion).  Still a tremendous set of prose and will resonate with any of you who have spent any time there.


My own personal thoughts…  New York City is great.  In doses.  Lots of opportunity, tons of money, great sights, incredible food.  But – lots of cost, tons of trash, horrible weather, and people everywhere.  Literally, everywhere.

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