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While I’m thinking about it, I wanted to offer some tips and tricks for trips to Mexico:

  • Find an Oxo (or any Pemex/pharmacia equivalent for that matter) early and often – this will save you loads on common necessities like water or beer (yes – I consider this a “necessity” in Mexico)
  • Bring a small, bright, portable flashlight – it can be very dark at night and if you’re trying to walk around in towns or on your hotel grounds, it can be unfamiliar and intimidating
  • Bugspray and Sunscreen are a “must” – pack these in your checked bag and you’ll thank me later, as sunscreen can be wildly expensive once you’re there, and bugspray is incredibly useful (remember, you’re basically in a jungle)
  • Most alcohol sales in convenience stores only last from 9 AM to 9 PM – so in the event you are the type that likes to have a glass of wine and hang outside after dinner back at the resort – you’ll want to make sure you grab a bottle prior to dinner
  • Many of the restaurants will be (or at least claim to be) cash only – so plan accordingly
  • Thus, cash is king in Mexico – and in most places (shops, restaurants) that can be either American dollars OR Pesos; although I do recommend getting Pesos as many places will not give you a favorable exchange rate if paying in US dollars
  • Local ATM’s are some of the best options to get cash, and I would avoid getting cash or exchanging to Pesos in the US prior to departure – the local ATM’s will dispense at reasonable exchange rates with minimal bank-imposed penalties/fees
  • Politely ask for your check (“la cuenta, por favor”) whenever you are thinking about getting ready to leave, as you will otherwise wait a long time to get it (I am guessing this has something to do with their culture where they do not want to appear to be pushing you out the door – but I don’t know that for sure)

The restaurants all seemed to have a much greater appreciation for presentation of checks than we do in America.

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