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Stumbled across a pretty unique travel application/site the other day that I wanted to share. The site is Vamo, and their technology allows you to do a myriad of functions, offering you the ability to do highly-customized trips across different geographies with different travel modes, even accounting for layovers or stops along the way. I think we are starting to enter a golden era where the proliferation of customizable search engines (leveraging standardized data such as ITA Software to pull aggregated flight data from reputable carriers) will start to make travel easier/better/more affordable and that is always an exciting “pro” of innovation and technology in my mind.

As an avid traveler and someone who is always looking for my next big trip, I’m very intrigued by what Vamo has to offer. I wonder, though, whether this may prove to simply be an overfunded startup that doesn’t really live up to the hype… ¬†We shall see!

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