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I have discussed work life balance previously, and do think that the concept or the idea (or in some cases – the facade that it seems to be for many) is a great conversation starter. I am of the opinion that work life balance is entirely up to the employee – and they are really the only ones with ultimate control over how their work and personal lives intertwine (if at all). I don’t accept excuses like “well this is the only job I can get and I just have to work 100 hours a week or else”. There’s more than one way to respond when you think someone has a loaded gun pointed at your head (Harvey Spector/Suits reference, anyone?).

Which is why I found this article on Work Life Balance for Millennials on Linked In fairly intriguing. Admittedly, I think the title is extremely deceiving and the main point is that there is a new generation of workers that much more make work revolve around personal rather than vice versa (which is how it persisted for many generations prior). Either way, though, it’s a good read and provides some surface-level insight into the work life balance in the millennial generation dilemma.

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Time Management

How you manage your day is paramount in your ability to have a long a fruitful career.  That being said, we can often get clouded on a daily basis by distractions such as continuously checking email, double and triple threading ourselves on meetings, and generally using work time to accomplish anything other than work (Facebook anyone?).  So how can we take steps to more effectively manage our time?  What tips or tricks are available for increasing productivity while also allowing ourselves time to breathe?  Is Work/Life Balance really possible?  That’s up to you.

I found a good article today that tackles the concept of time management and wanted to share it with you all.  Michael Wolfe (serial entrepreneur) takes the opportunity to share some of his secrets on managing his day, week, year, and even decade in this piece and gives some great feedback for pursuing the ever-evasive sense of accomplishment.  While it is written from more of the entrepreneurialism lens, I think it provides a good framework for looking at your life and your career through defined lenses and keeping your attention focused on your main goals.

I’m sure I will revisit the topics of Work Life Balance and managing your time from the professional services industry point of view in many posts to come, but thought this was noteworthy enough to at least drive some candid conversation and reflection.

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